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This is Stephen Perlstein's thoughts, tips, discussions, and reviews about improv. I'm pretending I know everything about improv. I don't. I'm just writing this stuff as an outlet for my improv obsession in hopes that it will help me and any improvisors out there reading this. Feel free to disagree, or tell me what you think in the comments. Donations keep the show going. MODEST DONATIONS ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. $5 is great. $10 is amazing. $20, I don't even know what to do with that.
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Eugene Cordero from The Smokes, Diamond Lion, and Reuben Starship comes on the podcast and tells me about the duality of his improv style. He hooks me up with advice on how to let yourself off the hook. Then he indulges my far too many questions and tells me about how Muay Thai relates to improv and how he was critiqued on the Improv Resource Center Message Boards for being a terrible improvisor. Subscribe, Rate, Comment. Thanks for listening.

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